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  • Dr Jocelyn BraunCo-Founder & CEO

    Dr Jocelyn Braun

    25 years as an executive and entrepreneur in financial services, in large global as well as start-up companies. PhD in Economics/Finance former Professor of Finance.

  • Jean FillardCo-Founder & CPO

    Jean Fillard

    Ten years of experience in foundingtechnology start-ups, building innovative technologies and solutions that include blockchain, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Bruno GaldinoCTO

    Bruno Galdino

    10 years of experience in software engineering, Bruno engineered multiple innovative solutions fusing blockchains together with security protocols on high-scalable systems.

  • Quote

    We strive to make Lama Technology a truly magical place to work.

  • Brigham SantosCOO

    Brigham Santos

    10 years administrating FinTech projects, MBA that drove him to participate in several ICOs designing the operational part behind the crypto market in Europe and South America.


    Rui Cravo

    Rui has been responsible for ensuring compliance with the relevant legislation for several Payment Institutions, Electronic Money Firms and MIFID Firms for the last 8 years.

  • Joao CutrimProduct Management

    Joao Cutrim

    Hold a degree in Business Management, started his career in Brazil at an early age in project management teams. Proficient in adaptive and predictive project management.

  • Andre SpisilaHead backend ENGINEERING

    Andre Spisila

    14 years of experience on internet systems, has worked for prominent businesses in North America in a variety of industries that has given him the expertise to help build Lama's products.

  • Igor MattarBackend engineer

    Igor Mattar

    3 years experience in backend development. Very curious, who likes to know how things work underneath, always learning. Igor is a really dedicated engineer.

  • Elivelton MendesBackend engineer

    Elivelton Mendes

    Holds a degree in Software Analysis and Development. 4 years of experience as backend engineering. Passionate about high security infrastructure.

  • Abner SouzaBackend Engineer Junior

    Abner Souza

    Coursing Analysis and Software Development. 3 years experience in Tech Companies and 2 years as Software Developer.

  • Quote

    Everyday we're building a stronger, more focussed company.

  • Bruno CamposHead of Blockchain engineering

    Bruno Campos

    Blockchain Engineer with 10+ years coding experience and a demonstrated history of working in financial projects. Passionate about building payment solutions.

  • Luiz CamposBlockchain Engineer

    Luiz Campos

    Blockchain Developer with a degree in Systems Analysis and 6+ years of experience in backend development specifically on blockchain and its latest advancements.

  • Thomas FosterHead of mobile development

    Thomas Foster

    12 years of experience in IT, 6 years of experience as mobile developer. Thomas looks after the myriad of details to ensure excellence of work and quality of products for our users.

  • Quote

    We pride oursleves on being at the forefront of digital assets and payments.

  • Luiz Graupnermobile Developer

    Luiz Graupner

    4 years of experience in mobile development and 10 years of experience in IT. Worked in many projects for big corporate ventures with large user base such as Engie and Philips.

  • Rodrigo SchneiderHead of Frontend Engineering

    Rodrigo Schneider

    Front-end engineer with over 5 years experience in front-end development and over 10 years in IT field. Worked in a variety of projects in startups in the EU and big companies in Brazil.

  • Jeferson KazumaFrontend Engineer

    Jeferson Kazuma

    Started his career as a full stack developer for 3 years until he decided to focus on the frontend division. For the past 6 years he has excelled in this area making him an important member of the Lama family as a frontend developer.

  • Daniel NasiloskiHead of infrastructure

    Daniel Nasiloski

    SRE Engineer with 10+ years experience in security infrastructure and cloud environments, strong and solid history of working in financial projects that require security certifications.

  • Everton RoxoInfrastructure engineer

    Everton Roxo

    Systems Development Analyst. Working on crypto projects for many years to create and maintain software development environments and network security infrastructure.

  • Williamine MorandProduct manager JUNIOR

    Williamine Morand

    Graduated from Copenhagen Business School with a Master's Degree in Digitalisation & Data Management. A key link between directors, designers and engineers at Lama.

  • Victoria JerchaUX/UI Designer

    Victoria Jercha

    Victoria has 10 years of experience in Visual Design and 5 years of experience in UI/UX. She worked with startups from around the world, including the U.S., UK, and Taiwan.

  • Juste AntanaiteCompliance

    Juste Antanaite

    Started AML career in Western Union as Agent Coordinator. FinTech career as FinCrime analyst Compliance departments for Revolut, Wallter and ConnectPay.

  • Harold SantosCustomer Service Specialist

    Harold Santos

    Over 12 years of experience in customer service and public relations, working with companies and businesses in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

  • Martin SollierCrypto anD finance specialist

    Martin Sollier

    Specialized in corporate financial strategy. Passionate about IT since he was born. He thinks crypto is the biggest financial revolution and there is still much remains to be done.

  • Jeremy LehalleUX/UI DESIGNER

    Jeremy Lehalle

    6 years of experience and strong passion for Product Design and pixels. Jeremy already worked for big brands, such as Universal Music, LVMH, Voodoo.

  • Roadmap


    We planted the seeds for Lama to grow! We have worked tirelessly to build the foundations of our blockchain-based financial technology that will make a difference to our customers. We secured all the licences we need for UK and EU, developed our technology infrastructure, designed our products, tightened our security and… built our presence in the Metaverse! On the side we also had fun designing our cuddly Lamas. Yep, that's a lot achieved for a short period of less than a year, but we are a committed team!

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    We are excited this year as we are racing towards our product launch! This is our year in the market, and we are currently working ever so hard to make sure our products are all working perfectly for our users, and the operations are geared up to meet all expectations we have set ourselves out to do. We are testing and re-testing, making sure we can release greats products worthy of our individual and business customer's time and attention.

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    The next 5 years

    Next year and beyond is all about growing! We shall, in the process learn from our customers on how to serve them better, get into more research and development to continue to improve our products and services, and stay at the frontier of financial technology innovation. We shall expand not only our customer base, our products but also geographically.


  • Credit card

    New Lama visa card launch

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  • Security tightens

    Security tightens

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  • Latest NFT drop

    Latest NFT drop

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